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Wags and Brags

We dog sat Kobe (Ellie's 2017 litter-see below) for a few weeks over the summer and fell in love. Kobe's owners shared the name of their breeder with us (Grace Goldens!), and once we decided to make the commitment to add a new addition to our family, we knew that there would be no others to compare.


Grace Goldens kept us up to date on Rayne's health and status before her puppies were born, and of her litter once they arrived. We received texts, pictures, and videos to keep us informed on how everyone was doing, and our family really enjoyed being a part of this process. Grace Goldens was responsive to our many questions and equipped us with loads of advice to transition our puppy to his new home.


The love and care Grace Goldens has for their dogs is truly amazing, and it is evident in the demeanor of our sweet, sweet boy Spencer - he is so smart, has been so easy to train, and that face! Spencer has become such a big part of our lives in the short time that he's been with us, and we could not have asked for a more perfect addition to our family. Thank you Grace Goldens!

Sue (MD)


coming soon!

Life with Brody...

We brought Brody for his second vaccinations last week and went to our first kindergarten class yesterday.  He did very well at both.  He has learned, look command, along with place and free.  Brody was used as one of the examples in the class. 

My son just adores him and you did an amazing job with him.  Everyone flips over how cute and sweet Brody is with them and other dogs.  He really is going to be one of those dogs you always remember.  He was the perfect gift for my family, not just my boy.  Thank you so much.  -Jason (PA)


"Grace Goldens is the best breeder. They love their puppies so well. They stayed in regular contact with us while the puppies were growing, sending us pictures and videos regularly. By the time we picked up our beloved pup, they had already trained her to sit. Our puppy is the sweetest, most loving girl, and it is all thanks to Grace Goldens." -Shanna (TX)


From the moment we spoke to Grace Goldens, we knew this experience would be wonderful!   We were pretty cautious because we had interviewed 8 other goldendoodle breeders and we didn't have much faith that this conversation would be different.  However, to our surprise, Grace Goldens took time to explain the process, get to know us as a potential family, and expressed love for the momma dogs and puppies.  They updated us through the pregnancy, delivery, and puppy growth.  Families are so lucky to have any Grace Goldens!  With the help of the breeder, we chose the right puppy personality for our family, and now have the love of our life.  She came to us at 8 weeks already weaned, and ready for her trip to Texas.  After two weeks, she is sleeping all night and so easy to train.  I have recommended Grace Goldens to everyone that meets our Poppy.  Poppy goes to work with me daily and has become the adoration of everyone in our office.  We are beyond thrilled with her and can't thank Grace Goldens enough.  They are the best in the world!  

Linda (TX)

Wags and Brags from our 2019 Jersey litter

Zoey was my first puppy from a breeder, and I couldn’t have been happier with the process or the results. In looking at other breeders during my research, I love that Zoey was raised in a home as part of a family, and not in a kennel or in conjunction with a more commercial enterprise. They sent pictures, videos and updates, and followed through on everything as promised.  Zoey is happy, well-adjusted and loves everyone – she is very social and is comfortable meeting new people and being in new situations. (Note: a recent houseguest, a proclaimed “cat person,” was threatening to pack her in his suitcase and take her to Seattle!).  She LOVES playing with other dogs (at 10 weeks, still on supervised play dates) and especially with her new sister, Zelda the cat. She’s very smart and confident, with just the right amount of attitude for a pre-teen girl. I am grateful that I was fortunate enough to choose Grace Goldens and can’t imagine a more adorable puppy than Zoey!

Susan (TX)


We could not have been happier with our experience with Grace Goldens.  They were incredibly helpful and informative through every step of this process.  They are truly committed to making these dogs into good family companions.  

As a result, we brought home a calm, well adjusted, socialized puppy who has been a wonderful addition to our family.  Otis was already crate training at 8 weeks and as been a dream to train since then.  I truly believe it is a result of all the effort that Grace Goldens put into raising these puppies.  We are so grateful for Otis and for Grace Goldens.

Maggie (GA)

Wags and Brags from our 2018 Ellie litter

This was my first experience selecting a puppy from a breeder. I researched the breed and many breeders. What first impressed me was Grace Golden’s had just one litter each year and how healthy and happy their puppies looked. I also loved the pictures of each puppy even after they went to their new home. It gave me a feeling of a big Golden Doodle family. 


From our first phone conversation to the day I picked our Sweet Ruby Rose up to come to her forever home was nothing but perfect. 
During our phone interview, I gained such valuable information about the Golden Doodle breed and appreciated that the breeder was so vested in finding the perfect the home for her puppies. I felt I had gained a new friend. 

Grace Goldens' attention to every detail and constant communication during the breeding, gestation, and birthing process was unbelievable. I received weekly updates when the breeding would be, development of the puppies during gestation, and the sweet pictures of Ellie and her new babies. 


Along with weekly pictures of the puppies, Grace Goldens sent such important information to help me get everything I needed to be prepared for our puppy’s arrival. 


The day I went to pick out our puppy, I was able to see what I had already felt through prior communication. Grace Goldens' family truly loved the puppies.  They each were so involved in the care and development of the puppies. 


Ruby Rose came to us a happy and confident puppy. She transitioned to our family immediately.  We are IN LOVE with our new baby and are so very thankful for Grace Goldens!

Carole (GA)

Due to the great start provided by Grace Goldens, Cade was already savvy about many things when he went home at age 8 weeks with the two humans who are the authors of this puppy bio. For example, he didn’t have a single accident during the 600-mile car trip from Alabama to Oklahoma, he had already been introduced to the wonders of the wading pool and the agility tunnel, and he slept through the night from the very beginning. Now 6 months old, he loves every single person he has ever met (after all, he views each and every one of them as a dependable petting machine that can be activated by a wagging tail or a doggie grin). He delights in trotting along on bicycle trips around the neighborhood and participating in puppy-style agility training and obedience classes, but his absolute favorite activity is a trip to the dog park, where he happily introduces himself to all the human visitors and implores their dogs to play chase with him. He has never once objected to any of the indignities visited on him by his vet, his groomer, or anyone else--he once lay perfectly still on his back for more than two hours while his humans teased hundreds of cockleburs out of the fur on his belly and groin (ouch!). And much to the amazement of his humans, he routinely picks up words and phrases simply by listening intently to their seemingly endless chatter.


Because one of Cade’s humans is a geneticist, out of curiosity they had Cade’s DNA tested by Embark, an affiliate of Cornell University College of Medicine. The results reflect the great care taken by Grace Goldens in its breeding program: Cade is neither afflicted with or a carrier of any of the 160+ health conditions that Embark tests for, his inbreeding coefficient is 0% (which confers significant health benefits), and he doesn’t carry the shedding gene found in Golden Retrievers (yay!).


In short, Grace Goldens is the best. As for Cade, he is healthy and happy and his humans love him madly.

Ann (OK)

We had the most wonderful experience with Grace Goldens.  From our first conversation it was clear how much love, thought, and care the breeder placed into raising and finding the right homes for each puppy.  That first impression was confirmed throughout all of our interactions.  She  kept us informed about Ellie’s health and progress before the puppies were born and once the litter arrived she continued to give us frequent updates and pictures on each pup.  We felt like we knew all of them and it was clear that each puppy was being given a tremendous amount of love, attention, and affection.  Grace Goldens was responsive to all of our questions and was incredibly helpful throughout the process.  She provided us all of the information we needed to help prepare for our puppy’s arrival.


Now, about our puppy Finley! He is an amazing dog and the perfect addition to our family.  Finley is everything we could have hoped for- sweet, smart, loving, and loyal.  Everyone who sees him gushes about how beautiful he is and they all remark on his calm and mellow disposition.  It is so clear he was raised with care in a loving and attentive home.  He has been a dream to train and has already brought so much joy to our family.  We traveled all the way from New York for Finley and would do it again in a heartbeat because we know we made the right choice in getting our dog from Grace Goldens.

Kera (NY) 

My family considered adding a furry family member for years, but never quite took the leap. Finally, I found Grace Goldens through the GANA website and was wow-ed by their other testimonials. I decided to set up an interview, and knew right away she was the breeder we needed. 


We were put on the waiting list for Ellie's last litter in the summer and patiently waited to take our baby home. They gave us weekly updates from the moment Ellie was bred. It is obvious how much love and care they put into raising these babies. It was about 8 months from the day of the interview until we got to take her home, and it was well worth the wait!


We really couldn't imagine a better furry family member. Evie came to us healthy, happy, and well adjusted to home living. She is very good with our four boys, other people, and animals. Everyone she meets just can't get over her teddy bear looks and loving demeanor. Thank you Grace Goldens!

Lindsay (IL)

Wags and Brags from our 2017 litter


Grace Goldens is everything you could hope for in a breeder and more! From pre-screening, to the breeding process, to updates on Ellie during term, to puppy selection and delivery, Grace Goldens was generous with time and a pleasure to speak to. 


From the first time we heard her sweet Alabama voice on our screening call we could tell the breeder not only loved Goldens but was passionate about finding the right family and home for each and every one of her pups.  She listened to our previous puppy/dog experiences, quizzed us on our lifestyle and helped us zero in on the perfect puppy for our family. 


Kobe came to us happy, healthy, calm, and well mannered.  He also came with a binder with all of his documentation, schedule, insurance information, training tips and medical paperwork.  I happened to bring the binder with me to our first vet visit and our vet and staff were blown away by the binder.  They do this for a living and had never seen so much care and attention to detail as was put into our puppy binder.  Just another example of how much the Grace Goldens family ensures her puppies get the best care possible after they go to their new homes. 


We now take Kobe with us everywhere as he travels easily in the car and we don’t want to be away from him.  While out, people stop us daily to comment on how handsome he is.  Then, when they get to meet him and see his personality they always praise us on his training.  We love to tell them that he hasn’t had any formal training (yet) and that this is just the way he is.  Happy, health, well mannered and just perfect!  Thank you Grace Goldens!

Patterson Family (MD)

I found Grace Goldens after doing an extensive search for a reputable goldendoodle breeder. I grew up with Golden Retrievers, so I was new to this breed and didn’t know quite how to find a breeder who I could trust maintained the ethical standards necessary for healthy/happy dogs and puppies. When I found GANA and their list of breeders, I was very relieved!

I contacted Grace Goldens.  She interviewed me for an hour, asking questions and providing information that left me very confident in her program. It was so clear how much she cares about each puppy and adoptive family. We both decided to move forward with the process, and the waiting began! 

Once Ellie was pregnant, Grace Goldens provided pictures, videos and updates on how she was doing and information about puppy development during pregnancy. Once the puppies were born, she provided near daily updates on their activities and personalities, as well as tips for preparation for bringing puppy home. When it came time for selection, she provided recommendations to best match puppy and family, which again shows her dedication to the happiness of her dogs and families.

Hunter was the shyest puppy in this litter, but he is the sweetest bundle of love and grows in confidence daily. I am so grateful for how the Grace Goldens family (thank you to her children!) took the time to nurture his personality and gently encourage him to be brave in new situations.


Grace Goldens had me send a scent item a few weeks in advance, as well as the carrier he would need to fly home. He was an angel for the duration of our travels home to Boston, and as soon as we arrived, I sat on the floor and he ran over and curled up in a ball in my lap. 


 He is currently 10 weeks old, and doing great! He knows many commands, is so well-behaved (mostly!), affectionate, and is quickly growing in confidence. He has the most wonderful temperment, and I truly believe this is due to Grace Goldens knowledge and care, and of course to Ellie, his amazing mother and first teacher. The breeder continues to stay in touch, and is happy to help answer any new puppy parent questions.

If you are looking for an ethical breeder who will include you every step of the way and provide you with a happy and healthy goldendoodle puppy, I cannot recommend Grace Goldens with more sincerity. They are truly amazing!

-Allison (MA)

Wags and Brags from our 2016 litter

I was thrilled to find Grace Goldens and I traveled all the way from northern Michigan because I just had to have one of their home-raised, high-quality Goldendoodles.  Their breeding program is really amazing because of the attention, care and love they give to both the puppies and the families.  And the proof is in the puppy!

Nora (purple girl from 2016 litter) continues to impress me everyday and I know that her excellent health, intelligence, and lovely disposition are due to the special care and skill in raising little puppies given by Grace Goldens.

Everyone I meet loves how Nora is both friendly and calm (most times!) and what a beautiful dog she is.  She has great, healthy genes and that's all due to the high-quality breeding.  Thank you, Grace Golden family, for our little Nora!

-Sarah (Michigan)

After a lot of research on goldendoodle breeders, we decided to work with Grace Goldens becasue of their healthy and family-based breeding practices.  And we are so glad we did! 


Once the litter was confirmed, we received weekly updates on how Ellie was handling pregnancy.  When the litter was born, we were sent daily photos and videos to be able to watch them all grow and develop personalities.  Best of all, we had a chance to visit their home and meet the wonderful breeder, her family, Ellie and all the puppies! 


Grace Goldens was very professional throughout the adoption process and has consistently impressed us by answering all our "new puppy parent" questions.  We are so grateful for the relationship that has blossomed through this process and could not have wished for more in a breeder.  Gryffin has been the best addition to our family!

-Brooke (North  Carolina)

We decided to go with Grace Goldens after an extensive search for a first generation breeder, of which there are few these days and we spoke with many of them.  It was our lengthy discussions with Grace Goldens that led us to believe this was the right fit for us. 


From the beginning, we felt the extreme love from the family participants that together make the experience successful.  We had consistent communication throughout the entire process.  We were able to watch our puppy be a part of a loving home from day one. 


We believe the temperament and personality was due to the family in which it started.  You could feel the integrity in this process.  Very professional with a good sense of what the families needed during the different stages of puppyhood.  We could not be more satisfied with our new family member and would do it again when the time is right. 


Many thanks Grace Goldens!  And, of course, thank you Ellie, which is the most beautiful of all goldens.

-Kathleen (Florida)

What an amazing experience working with Grace Goldens on the purchase of our goldendoodle.  The compassion, sincerity, honesty, and desire to help us every step of the way and place each puppy in loving homes made this the right choice for us. 

We would definitely recommend Grace Goldens in a heartbeat!

-Kari (Florida)

We could not have had a better experience than we did with Grace Goldens.  If we love our puppy 100%; then Grace Goldens and their family loved on him 110%-and we could tell!

Rico came to us full of spunk, confidence and the beginnings of good behaviiors.  Everything Grace Goldens did was in the best interest of the puppies and the owners. 

Our puppy came home with a microchip, fully up to date medical records, recommendations on feeding (plus his favorite food), a terrific book about raising Goldendoodles, information on pet insurance, flea and tick prevention and more.

He also brought home a sleeping pet that still sleeps with him in his crate (did I mention that he was crate trained when he arrived?)

Our puppy has brought so much joy to our home and we can't thank Grace Goldens enough for allowing us to raise him.  Grace Goldens is the best!

-Lori (Georgia)

Updated pictures

of 2015 litter

2015 Litter


Daisy is a very loving and playful pup.  She plays endlessly with her miniature poodle brother.

During our adoption process, Grace Goldens was always available to answer any questions at any time.  They provided us with many updates and lots of pictures.

One of the reasons we chose Grace Goldens is they are not a kennel.  The puppies were a part of the family and for 8 weeks were showered with love and affection and a little discipline from mom.  All that makes for a very loving and socialized pup.

We love Daisy so much, thanks Ellie and family.   R.L. (Georgia)




Henry is worn out after being hugged, held and photographed 500 times today. He travels like a dream and is the best puppy ever.

S.H. (Georgia)

Our first full week with Teddy has been awesome.  He is doing so well.  He is the sweetest, best boy. Even more than we could have asked for. I think Teddy is definitely going to be our water dog.  He loves the creek in our backyard and especially digging in the sand.  He just ran right in.  He is a filthy mess but seems to be in heaven.
We all love him so much.

N.S. (Georgia)

We couldn’t be any happier with Cooper or with the opportunity to work with Grace Goldens. The training you did before we picked him up was invaluable! He plays well in his exercise pen and crates easily at night - he has slept all night, every night since his second night at his new home. The regular updates and pictures before we picked up Cooper were a huge bonus. He’s a smart, playful and very loving guy - we’re ecstatic!  

R. S. (Kansas)

Duke checked out great this AM at the vet. They took him in the back and I could hear all the workers saying "Awwwww he's so cute! Goldendoodles are just the cutest!"  Everyone loved him. Duke is so sweet! I'm glad our son will grow up with his own dog.  

A.F (Florida)




Hi. I took Sadie on a long walk (for her) to the grocery store next door that allows dogs. She was the center of attention and seemed to love every second of it!  We went to the vet yesterday and she said that Sadie is perfect. She weighs a little over 16 pounds now and very healthy. The vet complimented you on your breeding and the way you have raised her thus far and was really impressed that you had me send a bed and blanket with my scent a couple of weeks before I picked her up. She really is a great dog and I can't thank you enough.   V.S. (Georgia). 

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