Multi-Gen Goldendoodles

Medium Multigen Goldendoodles
coming soon!
Rayne and Abe have Honeymooned!
We will confirm pregnancy on 5/1/21
Estimated Birth date 6/4/21
Go Home will be August 2021 
(These are our best estimates.)

Grace Goldens Rainbow's Promise



Suwanee Goldendoodles



Grace Goldens Rainbow's Promise was from our first  Ellie/Jackson litter.  My daughter bottle fed this girl from the moment she arrived, not because of necessity but because of desire.  Rayne (as she is known around here) is everything I could have wanted in a dog.  She is the sweetest dog I have ever owned.  She loves our revolving door of kids and welcomes them with a big hug. She never meets a stranger and is always up for an adventure.  She loves to sit by us and be involved in everything we do. We are so excited to use her in our breeding program to continue our fantastic lines!  



OFA Shoulder-Normal

OFA Patellas-Normal

OFA Cardiac-Normal

OFA Eye-Normal

vWd-Clear parentage

GR1-PRA-Clear Parentage

GR2-PRA-Clear Parentage

prcd-PRA-Clear parentage





NE with seizures-clear

Master List 


 Deposit $500 toward purchase price of $3000.

1. Breeder Pick-Suwanee Goldendoodles

2. Breeder Pick-Grace Goldens

3. Sara (AL)

4. Amanda (AL)

5. Mary Beth (GA)

6. Kelly (GA)


We reserve the right to hold back two puppies from each litter to maintain breeding stock.

Abraham is a wonderful breeding dog for Suwanee Goldendoodles.  He is a multi-gen that weighs approximately 30 lbs. He has  a wonderful bloodline and has a cute temperament.  He is the perfect gentleman to our girls!  This will be his 5th litter to father for us and we could not be more excited!  He is very obedient, friendly and loving (and so are his guardians!) 

 Hips - Good

Elbows - Normal

Cardiac - Normal

Patellas - Normal

prcd-PRA - Clear

G1-PRA - Clear

G2-PRA - Clear

vWd - Clear

IC - Clear

Ichthyosis - Clear

CERF - 7/10/17 Normal

Curl - Does not carry

Shedding - low

NE - Clear


Rayne with her 2020 Litter

Puppies are expected to mature to 25-45 lbs.  They will be cream to deep red in color with straight to wavy coats. 
Previous Litter
They will look very similar to Scarlett/Abe Puppies from previous litters.