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The Momma's

Grace Goldens
Angelic Hope

Grace Goldens angelic Hope is our third generation goldendoodle. She is a mini-goldendoodle from Scarlett.  She lives in a guardian home with two spunky pre-teens and is the love of the neighborhood.  Hope is super smart and loving!  She will begin health testing in February 2022.  We are so excited to welcome her into our program.  Hope will produce mini red goldendoodles.  We are on the search for the perfect stud for her.  Her size and personality are perfect and her stud must match!  Look for big things coming from this gal in 2022.  

hope 1_edited.jpg

Ellie is the foundation of our breeding program.  She has given us four amazing litters.  She is the best mom!  I am so blessed to have had her as my first breeding dog.  We have retained two pups from her to continue her linage in our breeding program (Rayne and Scarlett).

Ellie has the best temperament.  She never meets a stranger.  She is gentle and kind with kids, other animals, and especially her pups. Ellie is very patient and tolerant.  She has taught this quality to her pups.  

Ellie enjoys retirement life and loves to welcome her grand-pups here at our home.  She is the best socializer of all time!  


Grace Goldens Rainbow's Promise was from our first  Ellie/Jackson litter.  My daughter bottle fed this girl from the moment she arrived, not because of necessity but because of desire.  Rayne (as she is known around here) is everything I could have wanted in a dog.  She is the sweetest dog I have ever owned.  She loves our revolving door of kids and welcomes them with a big hug. She never meets a stranger and is always up for an adventure.  She loves to sit by us and be involved in everything we do.  Rayne has such a loving spirit.  She gave us the best two litters of pups! 



Grace Goldens Faithful is our new Golden Retriever.  She is from a European background and is solid white.  I did not think it was possible to acquire another dog as sweet and loyal as Ellie, but I did! Her name fits her perfectly-FAITHFUL.

Jersey lives in a guardian home with two active teenage girls.  Jersey retired after one small litter.  She was better suited for pet life with her amazing guardians.  The fab four pups are as amazing as her!  


Grace Goldens Joyful Noise is known around her as Miss Scarlett.  She is an F1 red beauty from our 2017 Ellie/Jackson litter.  She lives in a guardian home where she is loved by her two girls.  This girl is an amazing mom!  She blessed us with extra-large, healthy litters.  Her puppies are just like her...adventurous and fearless!  

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