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Guardian Homes

3 families needed in

Birmingham, AL area

Because we are not a kennel breeder and desire to provide healthy, well socialized puppies, we are seeking guardian families for our breeding program in 2020. 

1. Puppy would be male and come from Jersey/Jackson Litter 2020.

2. Puppy would be female and come from Scarlett/Abe 2020-2021 Litter.

3. Puppy would be male/female and come from Rayne/Abe Litter

A guardian home is a forever home for our quality breeding dogs. They are raised as part of the guardian's family while we retain breeding rights.

Once breeding obligations are over, the dogs are de-sexed and full ownership is given to the guardian.  The dog now enjoys retirement in the wonderful home it has known its entire life.

The puppy price for a guardian home is reduced and our guardian homes will receive payment on  litters produced by the dog.  Grace Goldens only breeds our females 3-4  times before retirement to insure the dog is able to enjoy life with family. 

The guardian agreement has many benefits:



1. Pick of the litter puppy chosen by breeder at a reduced price.

2. Be apart of the Breeding/Whelping process. 


1. Dog remains with the guardian family a lifetime and settles into retirement with ease.

2. Breeder is able to establish a diverse breeding program without kennels!!!


1. Dogs are well socialized in wonderful, loving environments.

2. NO Kennel Breeding!!! 

Before contacting us to set up a phone conversation and home visit, please make sure you meet all of the following requirements:

-Own your own home

-Have a fenced yard

-Willing to complete Basic Puppy and Obedience classes at Breeder suggested program within dogs first year of life (guardian expense).

-Socialize puppy with children and older adults.

-Provide recommended veterinary care (guardian expense)

-Provide flea/tick and Heartworm prevention that Breeder determines (guardian expense).

-Provide food and supplements approved and suggested by Breeder (guardian expense).

-Provide transportation to and from Breeders home during heat cycle, breeding, whelping and weaning puppy (guardian expense).

-A family member must work from home or is home the majority of the day.

-Dog must be housed indoors and treated as a member of family

-Must crate dog.

-Live within 3 hours from Birmingham, AL and/or 2 hours from Atlanta

-Track and notify breeder when dog begins heat cycle.

-All other animals in home must be de-sexed.

-No breeding Grace Goldens' dog (female or male).

-Female dogs must not be taken anywhere around male dogs while in season.

This is just a sample of the requirements to be a Guardian for a Grace Goldens' pup. Details will be discussed at initial phone conversation and home visit.

This agreement is under a written contract.

If you are interested in becoming a Grace Goldens Guardian, please contact us via email with "Guardian" in subject line. 

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