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2018 Ellie/Jackson Litter

Ellie and Jackson's puppies arrived!

December 29, 2017

Puppy Selection starts

February 2, 2018

Go Home Dates

February 23-24, 2018

In this litter, we are expecting  light cream, apricot

and dark apricot wavy coats.

The expected weight range is 45-65 lbs.

(Grace Goldens does not guarantee the size or color of your puppy.

Ellie delivered

6 girls and 2 boys

All puppies are spoken for!

Growth Chart 

Meet the Pups

Grace Goldens Annie

Grace Goldens Cade

Grace Goldens Finley

Grace Goldens Sunny

Grace Goldens Sadie Grace

Grace Goldens Ruby

Grace Goldens Evie

Grace Goldens Hazel

Meet the Parents



Jackson is AKC registered.  He comes from a fine line of European Kline (meaning medium size) poodles and will produce beautiful puppies.  Jackson is owned by Suwanee Goldendoodles in ATL, GA.  He is the perfect poodle that looks like a F1B Goldendoodle . He is 28 lbs of pure love.  

I fell in love with Jackson the first time I met him.  He lives in a guardian home where he is cared for deeply.  He is social, bright, obedient and loving.  I could tell from our first meeting, he was perfect for Ellie.


Hips - Good

Elbows - Normal

Cardiac - Normal

Patellas - Normal

Calves - Normal

Pertes - Normal

Pred-PRA - Clear

vWd - Clear



Ellie is 3 years old, AKC registered, weighs 78 lbs and stands 21 1/4 inches tall at the withers.  She is a great form and a stunning example of an English Golden Retriever.


One of Ellie's beauty marks is the gold dust sprinkled down her back.  Ellie is not only beautiful, she is the sweetheart in our family.  She is loving, obedient, and tolerant (a necessary quality in our home with 3 kids). Ellie loves to play fetch and run with the kids. No matter what she is doing, she always has time for her people.  I have never owned a more loyal dog.  She loves to make friends and never meets a stranger. 


Hips - Good

Elbows - Normal

Patella - Normal

Heart - Normal

GR PRA 1-normal/clear

GR PRA 2-normal/clear

prcd PRA-normal/clear


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