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Our 2021 Litter is spoken for.  We will not be breeding again until winter 2022/2023.  Check Goldendoodle Association for reputable breeders!

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So the journey begins...

Six years ago, I set out on a lifetime dream.  I have always wanted to breed and raise healthy, beautiful dogs.  With my family's support (for without them, none of this is possible) we set out to find the perfect breeding dog.  
Because we own and have owned Goldendoodles, we could not think of a more perfect breed for our family and one for your family as well.  We set out to acquire a female Golden Retriever from a European background or an English Golden Retriever.
After a year of research, prayer, and endless searching, we found a perfect English Golden Retriever as the foundation of our breeding program, Ellie.  She was more than I ever expected in a dog and a companion. 

Ellie had us four outstanding litters.  We are blessed that she was our first breeding dog.  She was an excellent mother to her pups (and showed me patience and tenderness through countless all nighters!)

 So the journey continues...

Ellie has recently retired and we are starting our second generation with Rayne and Scarlett(Ellie's daughters).  Ellie will be a wonderful grandmother!

In addition, we have a young English Retriever (Jersey) that will carry our litters of F1 Goldendoodles.    Please visit our dogs page for information on both.

Our philosophy at Grace Goldens is for you to fall in love with your puppy and keep it healthy for years to come.  Healthy breeding dogs lessen the risk of health issues.  

I have selected  parents from the highest quality and of good health.   We chose our foundation from English Golden Retrievers because of their health, extremely laid-back temperaments, blocky Teddy-Bear heads and overall beauty.

Goldendoodle Association of North America is the first and only breed club established for the Goldendoodle. Membership is limited to breeders that provide proof of HEALTH CLEARANCES on all their breeding dogs AND agree to a strict CODE OF ETHICS regarding their breeding practices and the care of their dogs. 


Grace Goldens is proud to be one of the Goldendoodle Breeders in the state of Alabama in this elite association. 


Grace Goldens and GANA share the same mission of promoting the development of the Goldendoodle to achieve desired breed standards (coat, health, and temperament) while maintaining optimum health. 

Grace Goldens GANA Logo 2021.jpeg
Grace Goldens Goldendoodle Poodle Papa
Meet Jackson

The Papa of our F1 Goldendoodle litters.

Abe 2020.JPG
Meet Abe
The Papa of our Multi-Gen Goldendoodle litters


Grace Goldens
Breeding Philosophy

A loving home for the best start


Some of our babies in action

Mabel 4M
Riley 8m
Ziggy 2020
sadie white collar
pink sadie snow
Sunny Teddy
Sadie outdoor
rayne girls

This is the food we recommend for all stages, pup to senior.  I have been an Independent Field Representative since I started breeding and enjoy the products.  Because our adult dogs are aging, this food adds nourishment where needed.   Click the logo to visit their website and view all products.

  Make the switch and you will see the difference.  

A Great Resource for Goldendoodle Parents

The Goldendoodle Handbook is the first book endorsed by GANA (Goldendoodle Association of North America), the world’s leading organization for Goldendoodles.  This one-stop reference book will help you to care for, train & build a successful partnership with your dog, and makes a great gift for new and prospective owners.

Canine author, Linda Whitwam, has teamed up with GANA & 16 Goldendoodle breeders to produce the biggest, most in-depth & up-to-date book yet on this popular hybrid. The 274 pages are easy to read & packed full of practical information & breeders' tips on everything you need to know about understanding, caring for & living with one of these highly appealing, low shedding & intelligent dogs.

Grace Goldens is honored to be one of the breeders featured in The Goldendoodle Handbook.

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